WA Rules Book 1 - Consttitution and Procedures
WA Rules Book 2 - Events
WA Rules Book 4 - Field and 3D Archery
WA Rules Book 4 - Diff.  (frissítve: 2022.10.12.)

WA Szabályzat 2. Könyv (frissítve: 2022.08.23.)
WA Szabályzat 3. Könyv (frissítve: 2022.08.23.)

WA Bylaw (2022-től)
Fivics elbow device
Mantis training tool
Sear tab
Thumb ring
Undershirt sleeves                    
Vibration dampeners use in the barebow division

WA Bylaw összefoglalók (2019-2021) 

WA Bylaw (2018-2019)
Mixed Team World Record
4 Metre Line
Minimum Distance 3D
Clarification on sight marks
Written Memoranda Field

WA Interpretations (2023)
Kinesio tape
Sport leggings

WA Interpretations (2022)
Wooden laminates on Traditional bow

WA Interpretations (2020)
Judges and Yellow Card
Team round and different classes
Subconscious tigger device barebow
Barebow tab 1.
Barebow tab 2.
Barebow tab 3.
Shock Absorber

WA Interpretations (2018-2019)
Appeals of Judge Committee Decisions
Pin nocks
Weights on barebow
Judge rights to require equipment disassembly
Barebow weights
Bamboo arrows on longbow