FEHOVA 3D Indoor Championship

2018-02-16 08:00



FEHOVA 3D Indoor Championship

FEHOVA 3D Schedule

Dear Archers, Dear Friends,

I would like to invite you on behalf of the Hungarian Archery Association to FEHOVA 3D International Indoor Competition 2018. The competition will be organised on 16-18th February 2018 according to the rules of the IFAA (without speed limit). It is open to all archers to register as no qualification is needed.

The championship will be located in Hall „A” and „F” of the Hungexpo building. Please take a note that, the registration take place in Hall „F”.

We will coordinate the competition with EIAC2018 event, so everyone can shoot both tournaments.

During the competition Hungexpo features the exhibition of FEHOVA offering  many interesting programmes for about daily 10 000 visitors.

The entrance fee to the exhibition is included in the registration fee. Please take a note you will be allowed to enter only through Gate #2 after registering on the spot. (all visitors and parents must buy daily ticket to Hungexpo area!)
I wish good luck for all our competitors and a good time for our guests and visitors!

I am looking forward to seeing you in February.

János Szedlár
Vice-President HAA



One round, 24 targets from 6 shooting position. (minimum 4 arrows are necessary for the competition!)

IFAA Rules without speed limit.
Crossbows and Historical Bows from modern materials are welcome.
Scoring: 11-10-8-5-0

!!! Pre-registration is required !!!

Registration deadline: 15.01.2018 or 500 competitors

Registration fee:
20 EUR or 6000 HUF (on the spot by cash)

After closing the entry, check the schedule which day you will shoot.


10:00-18:00 Registration

8:00- Registration
8:00-18:00 Competition

8:00- Registration
8:00-16:30 Competition
16:30 Awarding Ceremony for those categories which already finished the competition

8:00- Registration
8:00-14:00 Competition
14:00 Awarding Ceremony